Liz’s Hop To It Quilt

I finished quilting this beautiful quilt for Liz Maki today!   

It is made from the Book “Hop To It” by Edita Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.  We ran this as a club at our store, so this is not the first of these quilts I have quilted.  My own was quilted a couple of years ago.  I wish I could quilt my own again, like I quilted Liz’s!….

I really wanted to use my new rulers,  The QP Curved a Templates. I started drawing on a photo in an app I use to plan and discovered that I could create an illusion of double wedding ring! I was pretty excited to try it, and am very pleased with the results…. 

I extended the illusion into the borders as well…. 

A couple more pictures… 

I sent Liz these pictures when I finished.  This was her response: 

It is stunning and definitely a keeper. Wow! What a great setting in front of the church. You are such a special quilter!!

She made my day!  How could I ask for more? A happy client and a job I love?



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