Glenna’s Modern Quilt

I finished quilting this quilt for Glenna Ramsay this week! 


Glenna made this quilt in a club we ran at our store featuring blocks from Tula Pink’s book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks.  I quilted the top part with Graffiti quilting. I had so much fun and remembered fondly the Graffiti Quilting class I took from Karlee Porter at Sparrow Studioz.

In the blocks I choose to do some line quilting for two reasons.  First, I thought it would contrast well with the graffiti quilting.  Second, my friend Susan Strong sorta challenged me to do some straight line quilting, so this is a start….. 

I could post more pictures, but I plan on doing a Tuesday tip on how I figured out how to quilt hem, so I will save them…stay tuned!

Here is the back…. 

When I trim a quilt, I leave the top untrimed until I take pictures so I can hang the quilt on a rod.  Thus the batting at the top of this picture.

Just a note about the building I am using for a backdrop.  I have been getting a number of compliments on this setting.  Our new store is right across the street from the church we attend,  Camrose United Church. It is a beautiful old building, built in 1926. We cannot resist using it as a backdrop!

Well, that’s it for now. Back to quilting I go… much fun…..


2 responses to “Glenna’s Modern Quilt

  1. I love the sanctuary in that church too.

    Great quilting Ardelle, those 100 Modern quilt block quilts are so fun to quilt.

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