Curved Cross Hatch


It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip.  Today I will show you how I used my new QP Curved Templates from The Quilted Pinapple to stitch some curved cross hatch on this cute quilt made by Marylynn Lorenson…


  1. First I marked a registration mark 2 1/2″ from both sides of the corner. I forgot to take the picture so this one is staged, ignore the stitching under the ruler. 

2. Then with a variegated thread , I lined up the outside edge of the curve of the ruler on the registration mars, and stitched from one mark to the other. I ditched until the 1st line of the ruler matched the first arc and then I stitched back to the other side.  

3. I ditched to the next corner and stitched it, and so on till all four corners are stitched. 

4. Change thread to black thread. Line the ruler up so it is parallel to a side. Stitch an arc from the previous stitching to the corner. 

 5. Ditch till the first line on the ruler lines up to the stitching from step 4. Stitch back to the other side.

6. Continue stitching these arcs until you fill the space. Rotate the ruler so it is parallel to the other side and stitch arcs in that direction.




Here is a video of the entire process.  

That’s it! So easy, so effective!

Now I am off to quilt a great quilt by Glenna Ramsay!  I am having so much fun with it….

2 responses to “Curved Cross Hatch

  1. Thanks so much for these tutorials, Ardelle! I often learn new tips and tricks, and sometimes I just confirm that I’m doing things right! Either way, I enjoy them tremendously. Do you think there’s a big difference between QP rulers and Lisa Calle’s ProEcho rulers? They look similar, but I know a lot of quilters seem to use the QPs – Bev PS: Still planning a road trip to see that beautiful new store!!

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