Continous Chevroish Fill?!…


It’s Tuesday! Time for my Tuesday tip! Today I am going to show you how I stitched out the background on my Kismet quilt.  I am calling it Chenronish Fill (see picture below) for lack of a better term.  The main point of this blog is how I stitch it out continuously!!! 

My internet was particularly poor, so I hope there are not too many errors….after 4 hours of trying , I said good enough….

I planned out this design, and then sat there thinking, there has got to be a systematic way of stitching this so I am not starting and stopping all over the place. Then I noticed that the white has pathways that move all accross the quilt. I started at one edge and systematically stiched out the design. 
I have a series of photos and directions. Then at the end is a video clip.

1. First I marked out my dividing lines. I could just stitch these with a ruler and no marking, but I find I make more mistakes that way.

2. Then I start on the left and work toward the right with my design.

3. Stitch a line  on the left of the chevron area.


4. Stitch a 90 degree angle as in the next two pictures.  I am using Lisa Cale’s Quilter’s Grove Proline 4 ruler.  I love how easy it is to stitch lines consistently 1/4″ apart.

5. Stitch the marked line on the right edge of the chevron area, and backtrack over the same line back to the 90 degree line stitched in step 4.

6.  Stitch the chevron lines, 1/4″ apart.

7.  Stitch the vertical lines that will be on both sides of the swirl fill. You will end up at the top of this area, ready to stitch the fill.

8.  Stitch the swirls.

 9. We are back to where we started! Repeat the sequence accross the quilt…. 





Here it is in video form….

That’s it! 

Now I am off to QuiltCon 2016 in Pasadena! Taking some awesome classes! I love learning!

I love what I do….

5 responses to “Continous Chevroish Fill?!…

  1. You are so generous to share your knowledge. Stitching path is the one aspect of longarm quilting that is the most daunting. You are one of the few who are teaching in this area. Thanks so much.

  2. This is so helpful Ardelle thank you so much for filming a video to give us more insight. The one thing always daunting for me is backtracking – and seeing you do this ‘frees’ my thinking more.

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