Triple  Arrows

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another tip!  Today my tip is about a arrow design, but more importantly it is about how I execute it and why I picked it…

The stitching in the green part of the picture below is the design I am talking about….

I chose this design because I wanted something that contrasted with the fill in the Center of the block, and I wanted something I could do continuously with very little marking, and I wanted it to be fast to stitch out.  After some playing I settled on these triple arrows.  

Awhile back I did a blog post on My Rule of Three. Here is that principle again!  By stitching sets of three arrows, I can work around the block continuously! Let me show you how I stitched this out….

1. First I decided on spacing of the arrow points and marked a dot for each point. I used an air soluable marker to mark, except for this block.  For this block that I took pictures of I used a water soluable marker, because the colour shows up better in the pictures. 

2. I also marked a point in the center of the little half square triangle….

3. I started stitching at one of the marks made in step 2. 

4. I stitched to the mark for the largest arrow point. 

5. Then I stitched clockwise towards the next half square triangle. 

6.  Then I stitched to the second largest arrow point and back to the place I started. 

7. Then to the smallest arrow point and back to the next half square triangle mark.  Now I am positioned to start the next set of three arrows! 

8. Repeat the sets of three arrows on each triangle… 

The finished block: 

That’s it!  Fast to stitch out, very little marking, continuous and a good contrast to the design I am using in the center of the blocks!

Next week I will talk about the designs I used in the background between the blocks!

Till then I will be busy Qulting in my awesome new space! Still grinning like the cat who was swallowed the canary! Still loving what I do!

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