How I Handle a Wavy Border 

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another of my tips…

Today I am going to talk about how I handle a wavy border. This method works very well on a moderately wavy border. Severe wavy issues require other solutions.  

What do I mean by a wavy border?  A border that does not lay flat due to excess fabric is what I call wavy borders.  This is usually caused by not measuring the quilt before cutting the border length. I like to measure the center  of my quilt, and both edges, find the average of these measurements, and then I cut my border to that length. 

I wish I had taken more pictures of how I solved the wavy border problem on this quilt, but I did not think of it till I was almost done. The quilt was real flat on three sides, but the fourth side was not so good.  Sometimes it happens to the best of us. This is how I proceed….

1. Smooth the border out as much as possible without distorting corners.

2. Pin the corners in place, just far enough from the edge to get by with the hopping foot.

3. Run your hand from the inside to the outside of the border in the center of the border and pin, again just far enough away from the edge of the quilt to get by with the hopping foot.

4. Repeat step three every 6″ along the length of the border. What we are doing here is trying to keep the grain of the border fabric as straight as possible.

5. Now go back and put a pin inbetween each previous pin. 

6. I continue adding pins. The more I use  the more the excess is sucked up.  Sometimes my pins are 1/4″ apart!   

 My hand is in the photo to show scale. 

 You can see here, that the fullness is still there, but it is controlled and the edge is now laying flat.

7. Stitch the edge down. As I stitch, I push my left hand down on the quilt top, quite hard.  This also helps to suck up excess fabric.

8. Choose your quilting for the border well.  If the quilt is edge to edge excess seems to work its way between the stitching.  If it is custome my favorite way to quilt a wavy border is with straight lines perpendicular to the border.

Till next week, happy quilting my friends….I will be quite busy.  Our store is having it’s Grand Reopening/16th Anniversary Sale! 


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