Echoed Continous Curve Fill

It’s Tuesday! Time for my Tuesday Tip!

This week my tip is on how I stitched out this echoed continuous curve fill.

This fill is easy to do, and gives fabulous texture!  And I love texture….

1. Mark a grid for the cross hatch part.  In this case the lines are 1 1/2″ apart. I used an air soluable marker.

2. Using your favorite straight line Longarm ruler, stitch out this grid. I am using a ruler from Quilter’s Apothacry.

3. Next I stitch out the continuous curve inside the grid from the cross hatching.  I do this freehand.  Some people use a ruler.   

First I stitch accross the top of the 1st row. The red arrows show my direction of travel.  

Then I stitch across the bottom. If I were not filling the Continous curve, I would continue stitching accross the row.To save time (and time is money) before I continue with the next square, I filled the first square with echo quilting. 

Then I continue  accross the row.

Repeat for each row. 

Fun and done! Too easy, and look at that texture!

Have I mentioned how much I love my job? 



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