Roger’s Prismatic Star and some learning….

Today I finished my 1st quilt on my new Milli!!!!! I am amazed at how much easier she is to move than my old Millenium!  And I am loving the lighting and how things are organized in my new studio! Feeling like the cat who swallowed the canary! 

This quilt was pieced by my husband, Roger (Quilterguy on social media), from a pattern called Prismatic Star by Judy and Brad Niemeyer of Quiltworx.  Roger rotated the final four sections to put negative space in the center rather than the star.  So I got to play with quilting in that space!  Fabrics are Tula Pink’s Eden.

At first I was intimidated with all that space…..then I put my big girl panties on and came up with a plan. I imported a photo into an app I like called You Doodle and played with pathways through the quilt.  The next photo shows you my basic plan. 

The other part of my plan was to do a different fill in each of the large triangles.  Sometimes I have a full plan before I start, sometimes I just start.  This time I had a plan.

Here are some close up shots…. 

And the back… 

And while I was working on this quilt, Sabrina, my new assistant and I were also learning how to use Quilt Path, the software that runs our computerized machine. Joanne from Sparrow Studioz was out for a day training us. 

Our 1st Quilt Path Quilt… 


The next day we had a few problems, but we eventually got it with a little over the phone help from Joanne….

It has been a busy, productive week!  Loving what I do EVEN MORE!


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