Organizing My Studio

It’s Tuesday! After a break for Christmasit is once again time for my Tuesday Tip!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  Our was rather busy moving into our new store!  In fact I had not quilted for a month, until this past Friday!  On Friday and Saturday I found a few hours to try out my new space! Today’s tip is more of a tour of my new Longarm Studio, with a few organizational ideas. If you follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram you will have seen some of this, but not all…..

Gotta say, I spent a lot of time organizing my new space, thinking things through, trying to organize stuff in an efficient manner, cause time is money!

We added a computer to my current machine and added a new APQS Milli! Dylan from Sparrow Studioz did a wonderful job of moving my old machine and setting up my new one…Thanks Dylan and Sparrow Studioz!

Then my job started!  Like most organizing it gets worse before it gets better…… 

But is does get better….. 

Everything found a new home.  By the way , these cabinets are from Ikea and hold my thread and bobbins.  Notice they are all labeled! 

Let me show you around…

Meet Sabrina, my assistant!  She is going to help me keep the computerized machine running, as well as a few duties in the store.

This is my wonderful new pressing station!  Made by a friend, it folds out on both ends so that it has a total length of 111″!!! Sabrina did a happy dance the first time she used it! 

As well as being long enough to iron extra wide backs, it has lots of great storage!

This is my new shelf, designed to fit all my stuff and built by my husband. Now my books have a place I can easily find them, rather than in a box under my machine! It also has spots for my new ruler towers!

Again my rulers were mostly in a box under my machine, not the most convenient way to access them….

I still have my IKEA cart, and keep my most used rulers on it.


We had a lot of Slot wall in our old stores, and we’re not using as much in the new store, so I asked for some for my room!  I was use to a table behind my machine , but did not have room in the new space for a table.  I think the slot wall is going to be even better than a table.  My table was always a disaster, I think the slot wall will keep things organize as well as handy.  I plan to hang the things I am using on a current quilt here, as well as some things I use every day… 

I found a book stand for slot wall !!! That is going to be so handy….


There is also slot wall behind the computerized machine as well as on the short wall at the end of the computerized machine! 


And I have room for a filling cabinate! And we had one we were not using in the store office! And it was just the right size to store my plexiglass on top of, handy but out of the way…

I have a little binding machine, so I put binding on all my handouts from classes I have taken.  Then I put each one in a hanging file in my filling cabinet! They were not all here when I took is picture, I have taken a lot of classes….


Other drawers have inspiration clippings from magazines, customer contracts, magazines, etc….

I have a large closet in the back of my studio.  We put shelves and clothing rods up in there.  One rod for finished quilts and two for incoming quilts. Incoming quilts will be separated into custom on one rod and all-over’s on the other. Notice the hangers are the open ended pant hangers. I have been using these for 6 years and love them…so easy to get the quilts on and off them….

I put a folding table and chair in the closet to use when I need to do some planning.  I wish there was room for a desk, but but will make do, and am certainly not complaining….

I finally have a great place to store my Circlelord attachment for making circles!

On the other side of my west wall my son-in-law has his machine repair room. This is what happened Friday….could be fun! 

I had just enough time on my machine Friday and Saturday to tell that it is all going to work fabulously!!!!!! Everything in it’s own place and all within easy reach.  Taking time to find things adds to the quilting time, and time is money…. 

Hope you got a few ideas for organizing your space! Talk to you next Tuesday!


6 responses to “Organizing My Studio

  1. You have a lovely space now, storing rulers is always a problem for me, I love the slot wall idea, it helps keep everything visible.

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