Sawtooth Border Treatment….

It’s Tuesday! My tip today is about a treatment I use in Sawtooth borders.

Sawtooth borders are a part of a number of Judy Niemeyer patterns, which I specialize in.  There are a number of things I stitch in these borders, but the following is a favorite, likely as it is quick.  I thing of it as waves exploding from the crevasse of the sawtooth….

I will start with a couple of drawings….

1. Stitch a teardrop in the crevasse…. 

2. Continue stitching, making a little larger tear drop…. 

 3. Continue stitching teardrops.  Make sure each teardrop tucks in beside the previous at its ends… 

That is the basics. Now for a little how to get from tooth to tooth…

1. End a set of teardrops at the outer edge of the border… 

2. Use a ruler and ditch down to the next crevasse point…. 

3. Resume stitching teardrops…..

Here is a video of the process….

 That’s it!  So fun , so easy…..

I am taking a break from Tuesday Tips until after Christmas and our stores move.  It could be the end of January before I resume…

Meanwhile Merry Christmas!
PS. My new APQS Milli is being delivered to our new store today!  And my current Longarm is being moved!!!  In fact my current machine is all taken apart ready to move! 



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