Mostly Ruler Organization…

It’s Tuesday!  Today’s tip is one on organization, again. You see I have a strong belief that time is money.  If you have been following me for any length of time, you will know this!  If time is money, spending time looking for a tool is money down the drain…..

Another reason I am focusing on organization, is I am busy planning my new studio space in our new store!  Yes, if you missed it, we are moving our stores, Quilting From the Heart and The Sewing Center together into a new location.  Rather than sharing space with a classroom, I now get a dedicated Longarm Studio!  I am too excited about it, just ask my family!  Anyways, I have spent a lot of time figuring out how I want to organize my new space.  I will do some more posts once we are settled in the new store….

For now I want to talk mostly about ruler storage.  I bought a wheeled cart from Ikea this fall and it has been a great addition!  On this cart, I have organized my most used rulers.  As you see, I have a ruler obsession! In my defence, I do use them, lots….  

On the top of this cart, I have some ruler organizers.  The dark coloured one I got a from Quilter’s Rule.  The light coloured one my hubby made for me.  These are sitting on top of some of the rubber grippy stuff they use on shelves of RV’s.  This way when I move the cart, the ruler organizers stay put.  In these organizers I put the rulers I use the most, leaving a couple of blank spaces to temporarily store rulers I use less often, that are stored elsewhere most of the time. I keep the cart right behind me so it is close by. When I need a ruler I pivot around grab the ruler and pivot back to the machine.  When I am finished with the ruler it gets placed back in it’s slot, where an know where it is!  No time waste  finding my ruler.Cause you know, time is money…. 

The rulers I use less often so far have been stored in a plastic tub.  Less than ideal. In preparation for my new space, a friend made me two new additional ruler holders.  The first one is for storing small rulers that I use less often. 

I think I am going to love it! I can see all the rulers and organize them in an order that makes sense and they are easy to remove and replace from the holder!

The second organizer my friend made for me is the same only the brackets are further apart and it is for storing larger rulers.  I do not have a picture of it.

I also want to talk about how I organize my supplies for cleanng and servicing my Longarm. You can see them on the bottom shelf of my cart. Again, nice and handy… 

I got one of those Rubbermaid tote with a handle.  In it I put all the things I use to clean and service my machine/frame.  Now when it is that time I grab the tote from the cart which is nice and handy and go about my cleaning routine with everything I need all together.  No stopping to get something  I need. Cause you know, time is money….

That is it for today’s tip.  But I do have a couple of other things.  

Due to Christmas and due to moving our store, I will be taking a break from Tuesday tips.  There will be a Tuesday tip next week, but then the next one will be mid to late January. But do not fear, my tips will be back!

Also I thought I would share a picture of my new Longarm Studio!  They finished the floor yesterday! 

All that is left in this room is trim, plug covers and a couple of additional lights! We are adding a second Longarm with a computer. That Longarm will be delivered next week and my current Longarm wil be moved at the same time! Too exciting….


4 responses to “Mostly Ruler Organization…

  1. As always, love your tuesday tips. I need to start collecting rulers…I only have a few. Love your new space, it looks so bright and airy. Can’t wait to see how you set it all up! Happy holidays!!!

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