Marking Inside a Circle!

It’s Tuesday!  Time for another tip!  Today I will show you another of my favorite tools and how I used it to divided up and mark a circle.  I will also show you  the following design that I stitched in a New York Beauty unit. 

Clover makes this wonderful tool called the 5-in-1 Sliding Guage! It is one from their Nancy Zieman line. My favorite part is at the end of it there is a hole for placing a pin which makes it a compass! I also like how the Guage part slides but als stays where you put it!

I have been using it when marking a specific distance from the center of a circle.  I will show you step by step how I used it last week.

1. Place a strong pin (I use a corsage pin) in the hole at the end of the Guage and position the pin in the center of the circle.

2. Use the Guage like a ruler and rotate it around the circle, marking between the spikes at 2 3/4″& 3 3/4″ from the center, like the purple dots in this picture.

 3. I marked a point on the outside of the circle that lined up with the points.  I used the slot in the center of the ruler, lined it up with the point and marked at the outside edge. In this picture, the ruler is lined up ready to mark.

4. Now I started stitching, from the inner most point to the mark of the outside of the circle….. 

5. Remember my Rule of three from a few weeks ago?  Rather than stitching the next set of dots, I filled between the stitching I just did and the edge of the spikes, to make sure all my stitching is complete when I finish this unit.  

6. Now, without a break in thread, stitch from the marks on the outer edge of the circle to the remaining dots. 

7. And finally, again without breaking thread, I stitched ribbon candy in the spaces around the outside edge of the circle. 

That’s it folks!  Fun, easy and continuous! What more could a quilter want?! For more pictures of this quilt,  see my post My Cutout Quilt. 

Hope your not getting tired of me saying how much I love my job!


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