Air Compressor Stuff…

It’s Tuesday!  My tip for today is another practical one, about my air compressor, perhaps my most used tool….

A clean machine runs better and causes less thread breakers, in turn saving time, and time is money…..

I have had an air compressor for some time.  I love how clean I can keep my machine and area, but I dislike the noise!  Remember, I share a room with the classroom, and it is in an open mesanine so the whole store hears my air compressor…:( 

I am lucky, I have a guy!  That is our family saying for having a contact with a talent!  My friends husband Dave is a woodworker/handy man, but more than that he is good at “inventing” solutions!  I told him about my noisy air compressor and he build me this noise reduction box… 

It has a little opening at one end to let air in, a vital thing for an air compressor!  Would not want to burn it out…  It is also lined with insulation which helps it reduce noise.  

The 1st time I used it there was a class going on. Usually everything stopped till the air compressor finished running.  I watched the class when it came on the 1st time in the box and they did not even notice it came on!!! 🙂

How do I use my air compressors?….

I use my air compressor every time I change a bobbin.  Just a quick blow out in the bobbin area saves a lot of grief as I quilt. 

But the big time I use it is in servicing my machine.

I open the thought plate cover right up and blow air from all directions. 

I also blow air into the tension disks to remove lint and thread bits… 

I also blow out my bobbin case.  First I stick a pin under the tension thingy… 

 …and blow air to remove debris.

I also blow out inside the bobbin case. 

If your bobbin case has a backsplash spring, push the air compressor nosel right up to the spring so it does not blow out. Ask me how I know…. 

And lastly I use my air compressor to blow  away dust and stuff on the machine and the cupboards under my machine.  It is faster than dusting…

That’s my tip of the day!  Next week I am back to some how I stitch out a design element…till then I get to  quilt! 🙂 I love my job!


2 responses to “Air Compressor Stuff…

  1. Gotta use mine more often, such as every bobbin change. I currently use a paint brush, but I’m sure the compressed air would get rid of more lint.

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