Rule of Three or is it Rule of Two?! :)


It’s Tuesday!  Today my tip is in effect about efficienant quilting.  

A question beginners frequently ask is how do I plan my quilting so I do not need to tie off as often.  Or another way of wording it is how do I plan my custom quilting so it is continuous?

I follow a simple little rule or principle, that if I want to quilt basically in a row, traveling in three directions keeps me going forward.  Let me explain….

I am stitching one direction (1), stitch backwards to get somewhere (2), stitch forward again(3) and I am in the right direction to continue moving forward. Here is a diagram, then I will show pictures that apply this principle.     

So last week I was quilting all the dark in this quilt and I planed my Qulting so I was stitching in three directions so I could stitch continuously.

1. I started in the corner and stitched a L shape to the furthest corner. That is direction one.

2. I stitched another L shape ending back where I started. That is direction two.

 My original plan was to stitch these little triangles, but that left me in the wrong spot to stitch the next one. I could have ditched across to the next one, but instead I decided to add a third element.

3. By adding some ribbon candy I was all set up to stitch the next half square triangle! That is direction three.


Simply adding a third direction had me ready to continue with no tie off or ditching!  This my rule of three!

But sometimes I do want to end up in the same place!  That is when I use a rule of two!  In the following diagrams you will see how I stitched each unit in two directions so that I ended back in the center ready to stay the next pinwheel. The stitching is represented by the red line.

1. Directin one.


2. Direction two.

3. Second unit, direction one.

4. Second unit, direction two.

And so on….
To summarize, want to stitch in a ongoing row, use the rule of three. To stitch back to where you started, rule of two!
That’s it till next week!



3 responses to “Rule of Three or is it Rule of Two?! :)

  1. Thanks for this tip, I sometimes spend a bit of time looking and tracing over a block trying to work out the easiest way to quilt it so I don’t have to tie off, I need to print out that last phrase and stick it to the wall to remind me.

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