Organizing Thread!

It’s Tuesday!  Today my tip is on organizing thread. I really like organizing things….

I keep saying time is money.  Keeping that in mind, the time it takes to find a thread can really add up without a system….

When I do an intake with a customer, it is easy to grab a few threads to show a customer.  The thing that can take the time is finding the same thread when it is time to quilt if there is no system.

I have limited space in my Longarm area as I share the space with a classroom.  So I needed to utilize the space under my Longarm.  I found the  cabinets in the photo below from Ikea, they are called Alex.  Not only do they fit under my Longarm, they have skinny drawers, so thread can be stored in a single layer for easy viewing. 

When I like a thread type, I tend to buy the whole line.  I like to have a full colour range of the threads I like.  So I sort my threads by brand and type.  Each type of thread is in a different drawer.   


The little container with the sponge is a homemade humidifier I use to keep the thread conditioned in our dry Canadian winters. For more information on this check out my blog post Solutions for Static-electricity.

Each thread type is arranged by colour number from lowest to highest number. Each drawer is labeled with thread type and range of numbers in that drawer.   

Thread is organized in boxes, and boxes are also labeled with colour numbers.  
 When I do a quilt intake and need to choose thread, I proceed in two different ways. For the smaller lines of thread To choose thread, I simply open a drawer and pull a few threads to try. 

For larger lines I use a colour card to decide what colour I want to try, and then find them by colour number in the drawer.  Much faster than searching many drawers. 

To check which colour works best, I spool a puddle of thread out on the quilt.  It is decieving to just look at the spool as the colour is more concentrated on he spool than in a single row of stitching. 

 Once  a thread is chosen, I write the number down on the contract.  Now when it is time to quilt that quilt, I can quickly find it! 

One of the keys is to put everything away in the proper order!

I am a big fan of prewound bobbins!  I have Magna classics and Sew Bob’s.  These are also organized in drawers.  When I am using a prewound, I just leave the appropriate drawer open and grab a bobbin from the box it is organized in. Once again all drawers are labeled! I really like my labeler!!! So fast….so clutter free…. 



That’s it for today!  This week I will not be at my machine….tomorrow I am taking my Mom to the city for some minor surgery.  Then Wenesday I will be packing for Qulting From the Heart’s Fall Retreat, which starts Thursday! My daughter and I will be hosting 25 ladies at our 32 retreat!  Too much fun!!!

  Bye till next week….


3 responses to “Organizing Thread!

  1. I’ve been really enjoying your quilting and tips, thanks so much for sharing! I’ve not tried Marathon thread, I know they have a store in Winnipeg – do you find the quality equal to Superior or Aurifil?

    • I find the quality of Marathon to be excellent. I can run it on my APQS Millennium, my home embroidery machine and my mid arm (which is very fussy about thread), all with no issues. I love the colours and the thread looks awesome when stitched out. I also use Superior threads and Aurifil on my domestic machine (thought I have not thought to try it on my Longarm) but Marathon seems to be my thread of choice.

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