Free Motion Eyes!

It’s Tuesday!  Today I will show you how I stitched the eyes in the Allie Owlie quilt I finished last week.  Here is a close up of the stitching on the eye. 

I am going to talk about thread, then draw the design step by step, and I have a Video!

I wanted the stitching to show a little so I used a thread that is black and gold twisted together.  I use a lot of this thread, it does not stand out as mush as a gold only thread does.  It also is very easy to use, with way less breakage than other brands of metallic thread I have tried. It is made by Marathon. We sell it at our store, The Sewing Center.  It is not on our web site, but if you want some call and we would be glad to help you. 1(780)672-2732 

Now for the design. And I quilt nicer than I draw….

1. Start at the seam and make a swirl. Remember to make this swirl to one side so you have room for the eyelashes!

2. Swirl back out, ending at the bottom. 

3. Now make three eyelashes as you work back towards the top. 

4. Now follow the original swirl loosely back to the start point! 

Too fun!  Here is the video:  

Give it a try!  It is fun and easy…

A normal week this week, so I should get lots of quilting in!  Love what I do!


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