Extending Backing Whithout Unloading from Quilt Frame!

It’s Tuesday!  

Have you ever ran out of backing before you finished quilting a quilt?  It happens to me a little too often….and once is too often….the sad part is if I measure and load the correct direction, it should never happen….

It happend again last week.  I think the problem was I loaded the back the wrong direction…

But, best intentions aside, sometimes stuff happens….here is what I do so that I do not need to completely remove it from the frame…

1. I missed taking a picture of the 1st and most important step.  With an air soluable market, mark the leader where the edge of the backing is BEFORE you remove the backing from the roller.

2. Prepare a extension, seaming if necessary.  This piece should be at least as wide as the original back.

3.Loosen off the rollers significantly, and drape the too short back over the rail. Pin the back extension to the original back. I have a little excess of extention fabric on both ends.
4. Next I move a table right up to my Longarm, as close as I can get it.  I set my sewing machine at the right end of the quilt facing as shown in this picture.

5. Now I start sewing, with a 1/2″ seam allowance.  I sew a little ways and then shift my machine a little down the table, sew a little, sift the machine a little more, etc…. 

6. When I finish sewing I drape the seam over the rail and use it as an ironing board to press the seam open. 

7. Now tear off excess width of extension.  It needs to be exactly the same with as original back.  In the 1st picture below, the little piece of fabric to the left is the piece I tore off.Line up the edge of the back with the air soluable mark you put on your leader.  Reattach back to leader. 

8. Now pull batting back in place.  And then replace the top. You are ready to resume.  This one took me 20 minutes including taking these pictures.  

It was not much short, but enough…. 

Well that’s it for today!  Back to my amazing job!  Love what I do….especially after I resolve an issue…


7 responses to “Extending Backing Whithout Unloading from Quilt Frame!

  1. Nice tutorial Ardelle–I have had to do this once, and did it similarily, except if you use your side clamps, you can use the longarm to do the piecing 🙂

  2. A couple of weeks after reading this post I found a seam that had separated in a backing that I had just finished loading. I used your method to sew up those couple of inches. I was so happy that I didn’t have to take the backing off the frame since it was over 100 inches wide and 130 inches long. Thanks Ardelle!

  3. I am so thankful for this Tuesday tip.Just now following directions for the first time,
    Do you feel you need to compensate the quilter for this misstep?

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