Travel Path for Broken Circle

It’s Tuesday! Today my tip is another tip on how I travel as I stitch a design, this time a ring that appears to be a circle broken by the blades of the fan. Below is a picture of of the finished unit.
At first look it appears as though I must have stopped and started the stitching of the rings at each point of the fan blades. As I often say, time is money. Stopping and starting takes too much time. Here is how I actually stitched this out.
First, the picture below is to show which ruler I am using. It is a curved ruler from Quilter’s Apocrathy. I use this ruler a lot, it has been a good investment.
1. After finishing stitching the rings between a set of Japanese Fan blades, use a straight ruler to sneak up the ditch of the blade.
2. Now sneak back down the ditch of the other side of the blade.
3. Using a curved ruler, stitch the inside curved line. At the other side, DO NOT move your ruler.

4. It is a little hard to see, but the next thing I do is stitch back to the side I started on. By not moving the ruler, I am able to stitch directly on top of the 1st pass, so no one notices it is stitched twice.


5. Now sneak up,the ditch to the 2nd ring and stitch across to the other side. You are now in position to stitch up the ditch to the point of the blade. If we had not done step 4, we would be on the wrong side to stitch up the ditch to the point.

So now we just keep repeating this sequence!

I like to stitch as continuous as possible. There were a couple of the fans that I was able to incorporate the center part of my design at the same time as I stitched out the rings. Remember, time is money…..

Till next week, I will be finishing a quilt for Freida and starting one for Lorraine!

And for my Canadian followers, Happy Thanksgiving!











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