Pink Ribbons (or blue or yellow…..)

It’s still Tuesday!  I am a little late today…..

I am going to show you the way I stitched out ribbons on some quilts for Breast Cancer patients.  It was fun!  This is the finished ribbons…. 

I started by marking evenly spaced marks.  I used the old adding machine paper trick.  Cut off a piece of paper the same length as the space you are dividing. Fold it in half, fold it in half again, and so on till the size between folds is about what you want the spacing between lines to be.  Now pin it to the quilt and mark the quilt at each fold mark.

Now stitch out a simple loop pattern with a loop at each mark.

Now stitch a second row of loops, offset from the first row.  The tops and bottoms of the loops are the same hight, but the rest is about one hooping foot width from the first row.

Then I remove the marks.  In this case I used a chalk marker to mark and a damp sponge with a little Sew Clean to remove the marks.

I used this between rows on all 4 of these quilts…
  So easy, so fun…..



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