Colleen’s Japanese Fans

I finished quilting this for Colleen Greer! The pattern is Japanese Fans by Judy and Brad Niemeyer of Quiltworx. I really had fun with this one, not that I don't have fun with them all…



I am very pleased with the effect of the quilting! The quilting was inspired by someone I follow on Instagram whom I only know by her handle, Two_Tow_Heads.

Each block is quilted both the same and different! Let me explain. The inner part of each block is the same (a circle with cross hatching), and the outside of each block is the same (another circle with oriental style feathers), but the middle of each block has a variety of designs! Here are some of the blocks….






The border has more oriental style feathers and some straight line quilting in the sawtooth border.

The backing chosen by Colleen shows the quilting very well…

One more look….
Oh so excited! Colleen is not local, so we are shipping her quilt. Wish I could be a fly on the wall to see her reaction…..
I feel so blessed to be able to quilt such beautiful quilts and have a job I love so much….




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