My Quick Marking Trick

It’s Tuesday!  I am so excited for todays tip!  I have spent hours trying to figure out why I could not load videos, and I figured it out!  So be prepared, I could get stuck on videos!  Also we have a new employee, Sabrina, who is fabulous at shooting videos, so I have an assistant in this task!  Thanks Sabrina! 🙂

So today I am going to show you a quick trick I use to mark a line 1/2″ away from a curved seam.  It involves a little tool, called 5 in one Sliding Guide from Clover. By the way this ruler is fabulous, I use it for lots of things.  We carry this tool in our store:

I have no idea how I started doing this trick, but it works real slick, and it is fast.  And as I often say, time is money….

I simply place a marking pen in the slot of the guide,  which is at about 1/2″.  Then I run the 1″ mark of the guide along the seam, marking as I go.  It is hard to explain, so watch the video….

Fast, easy and so fun!

Now I just use a straight ruler to stitch along this mark….

Notice how I paused to fill areas this line isolated as I went! I like to find ways to avoid stops and starts.

That’s it for today!  Till next week’ I will be quilting a gorgeous Japaneese Fan Quilt!  I do love what I do!


4 responses to “My Quick Marking Trick

    • I use a lot of different things to mark, depending on the colour or my fabric, and the purpose of marking. In the video I am using an air soluble marker, brand is insignificant, they are all good. I think marking pens would be a good Tuesday tip, so stay tuned…..

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