Dare to Ditch!

It’s Tuesday! Today my tip is about stitching in the ditch around appliqué.
It is my opinion that ditching is a very important part of custom quilting. The definition it gives to either appliqué or a seam is well worth the effort. Without ditching appliqué edges look ruffly and a little sloppy, even when the appliqué is done well. In my opinion, a well quilted quilt will be ditched…..
6 years ago, I took classes from Karen MacTavish. She introduced me to Maderia Monofill thread. This monofilament thread is very fine and behaves quite well in a Longarm, and comes on 10,000 yd spools! http://columbiariverquilting.com/madeira_monofil_1.html Karen recomended this thread for ditching, because no matter how good you are at ditching, other thread still shows, whereas this thread blends in. I have been using it every since and love it. It is in the picture below, it is the spool on the right.
I have several rulers specifically designed for ditching. The one below is especially for ditching around appliqué. It is beveled on the bottom so it does not catch on appliqué edges.
Another that I have is this one…
I do use these rulers, however I find it hard to see. The notches for holding it on the hopping foot get in the way of my vision.
Meanwhile here is a photo of the angle I hold the ruler.
The idea is the same as holding a finger next to the hopping foot, it just puts space between the hopping foot and your finger. This makes it faster, and more accurate, which in turn makes me more confident,many confidence is key to great work! Thus I Dare to Ditch!
Till next week, happy quilting! I will be happily quilting a beautiful Paridise In Bloom!








5 responses to “Dare to Ditch!

  1. I totally agree, Ardelle. I used to be afraid of SID, but once I took the plunge, it is almost always a part of my custom quilting. Thanks for the hint about the Madeira threads . . . I have been using Invisifil but my machine doesn’t really like it that much. Can’t wait to see your finished quilt!!

  2. What are you using in the bobbin when you use the Madera monofill on top for stitch in the ditch?

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