Adding a Personal Touch to a Panto

It’s Tuesday! My tip today is a quick one.

I quilted this quilt last week with a panto called Dasies Galore by Willow Leaf Studio.

The quilt was made by my customers daughter, Jennifer, whom has since passed away from Cancer. It was important for my customer to have this quilt finished. The story touched me very much, having been a Cancer patient myself. We decided on a panto for the quilt. I asked her if I could quilt Jennifer’s name into the quilt if I could figure out how. She was pleased with that.

So as I was quilting I noticed that the daisy had the general shape of a heart


So the thought came that my customer wanted to hold Jennifer forever in her heart. So I taped a piece of paper over a daisy, redrew it into a heart and wrote Jennifer inside the heart.

Next I stitched a row of the panto as normal. When I got to my drawing I just followed the lines! Easy!


That’s it for today! Till next week I will be busy quilting! Just love what I do…..:)








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