Wedding Star Quilt Border

It's Tuesday! Today my tip is on how I stitched out this border design:


  • 1st I marked a dividing line that corresponds with the division between rings. I do not have a picture of this but the marks do show faintly in the next steps picture.
  • Now, using a curved ruler, I stitched out a series of arcs between these marks, filling pebbles in as I stitched.
  • Before moving down to the next set of arcs, I stitched a swirls filler next to the inside border.
  • Now repeat this down the length of the border.

Corners will need a little adjusting.

  • Mark a diagonal line from corner to inside border.
  • Line up curved ruler as if you were stitching a complete unit. Start stitching, stopping at the marked diagonal line. Pivot ruler and continue down next side.

  • Continue in same in manner with the series of arcs …
  • Now the bead border is stitched. I use to stitch the piano Key border, with 1″ spacing between all lines, but now I prefer this version as it is easier to mark and stitch. I mark a 1″ grid on the edge of the quilt only. Start at one mark, using chanellocks, stitch to the other side of the border, sneak down the ditch of the other side for 1/4″ (or width of hopping foot), stitch back to edge of quilt, again using chanel locks,travel to next mark on edge of quilt, repeat. So much easier to only ditch for 1/4 inch and no need to mark the whole width of the border.
  • When stitching bead border out in corners, mark a diagonal line to corner. When stitching reaches this line, pivot and stitch to other side. Fill in to corner in this manner




That's it! Looks complicated, but when you break it down to steps it is easy!

Till next Tuesdsy, you will find me absorbed with quilting a couple of pantos and then another Judy Niemeyer custom quilt! So love what I do!!!


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