Something Different for Rings of Wedding Ring Quilt

My Holiday is over and It’s Tuesday! Time for my Tuesday Tip!

Today I am going to show you a new idea for me on rings of a Wedding Ring Quilt, and the stitch path I used. Here is a close up on one section.

Here is how:
  • Stitch diagonally across ring pieces until you get to first Center.

  • Sneak down the ditch of the Center to other side of ring.

  • Now come back down the same ring section crossing, making “X” type design on each square in the ring.
    • You will be in the correct corner to simply start stitching up the next ring section.

    • Again stitch to center and sneak down ditch of center.

    • After finishing this arc, you will be in the right spot to continue down the ring section to your right.

    • Continue stitching to end of this ring section.
    • At the end of that section, stitch the other half of the X’s on that section.


    • And stitch across the ring section right below, stitching to the center, but do not stictch the other half of the X’s at this time.

    • Now continue with the next ring section.

    • Repeat until you reach the right edge of the quilt.

    • Sneak down ditch of Center until you reach the ring section that has only half of the X’s stitched.


    • Now stitch the other half of these X’s.

    • When you reach the next Center stitch down the ditch to the next half stitched ring section.

    • Com time stitching in this manner until you have reached the left edge. You have now stitched one full row with no stops!

    Too fun!


    Till next week I am busy working on a fabulous Cactus Star Quilt!




















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