RoseCity Quilter in Reykjavik! August 5-7

August 5

Whale watching day! We boarded a boat and went out deep in the peninsula and we’re lucky enough to watch two Humpback Whales for quite awhile!


When we returned we had the famous Iceland Hotdog! This stand has served Hotdogs to famous people such as Clinton, and Regan! It was delicious! And busy!


Then we walked a long ways to see the Quilt Shop. I am afraid it was a disappointment….the saving grace, a great bakery close by!


We walked back to the Center Area, and went on a Bicycle Tour down the coast. It was so fun, and we saw some beautiful sights….a weird tour guide, but it was still fun….

A great ending to a beautiful day!
August 6
Today we started with the Puffin Express! But 1st we had time to stop at this cafe for a morning treat! Waffle sticks and Chia Latte!
We boarded a little boat and we’re off to see puffins! The cutest little birds!
We spent some more time wandering the Center Area!
We went to a great play called “How to Brcome Islandic in 60 Minutes!” It was very entertaining and was in a cool cultural Center with fascinating architecture!
Another great ending to another fabulous day! Notice the blue sky in the pictures? We have been so lucky with the weather!
August 7

Time to go home….sad to leave….

But looking forward to things at home….
Waiting in the common area of our hostel…
So that’s it! A trip I will remember forever! Amazing landscapes, beautiful sights around every corner, interesting history, fabulous food, amazing hikes, wonderful soaks in hot springs, great weather, so much time with Jennifer, new friends from the tour…..I feel so blessed…..



































One response to “RoseCity Quilter in Reykjavik! August 5-7

  1. Great following your trip! Thanks for sharing.
    — and Your time spent with Jennifer would be special for sure.
    Allan & Rose-Marie

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