RoseCity Quilter in Reykjavik! August 2 & 3

August 2

Sunday Morning we changed Hostels, to one further away. Being the ambitious farm girls we are, we walked and carried our luggage, took about 25 minutes. No problem! New hostel was lovely, and the price was right.

We had a pretty relaxing day. After leaving our bags at the Hostel ( we could not check in till 3), we walked back to Reyeykyavik Center. We poked around in some of the shops….


We went to the Farmers Market. I bought a hand knit sweater from this lady!

We went to a couple of museums….

We went to an organ concert at the largest church in Reykjavik. It was amazing!


And we went for supper at an awesome Resterant and I had a lamb burger! It was so good!

When we finally got back to our new Hostel, look what was welcoming us in the hallway!…

….I felt right at home!

We had done a lot of walking, as much as on the trail!


August 3

The next day we were off for an amazing day tour to Inside the Volcano! Yes we actually went inside a volcano! The only Volcano in the world you can go inside! 250 feet down via a window cleaner lift! It was the most amazing experience. The pictures do not do it justice….

Our guide was very informative!
A brief stop,on the way at a Lava Tunnel…


It was an interesting walk…


We were strapped in both to load the cart, and during the trip down. I felt very safe…. And the view…









It was like being in another world! And a little cold….

When we returned to the top they gave us “Meat Soup,” a traditional lamb and vegetable soup. It was so good!

The neighbouring Arctic Fox made an appearance….


We returned to Reykjavik, and wandered a little Till supper, Icelandic Fish and Chips! Nummy!


Another amazing day!




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