RoseCity Quilter Trekks in Iceland! Day 8 (August 1)

Last day of our tour. Tomorrow morning people will be heading in different directions. Cannot believe how fast it went!

I realized a few posts ago that I miss numbered the days, but it was a little to late to fix it. Day one was actually what I called Pre-tour.

Our itinerary says: Hike around the mountain range of Hellisheiði, starting from just outside of the town Hveragerði. The volcanic water that runs from Hellisheiði rushes into a natural, hot stream in the valley perfect for a relaxing soak. Look for some of the hot springs and mud pools in the area before returning to town.

I say: Relaxing end to an amazing week!


We stopped on the way to use restrooms, and looked at a pretty cool earthquake exhibit.

It was about a 3 mile hike up to the natural Hot Springs. We say lots of Geo-thermal hot spots on the way. We were told the water in these spots was 200 degrees!
The trail is also used for an Icland Horse Ride. Once again, this is Iceland, do not call their horses ponies!
The water was so nice! Very relaxing! I did not take pictures of us in the water, but here is one after.
It was quite the hike, I think we all thought it was shorter, perhaps we were tired?! My Fitbit said 23000 steps and 128 flights of stairs at the end of the day!
We returned to Reyeykyavik and said goodbye to Gulli. John spoke on behalf of all of us. We were really grateful for Gulli and his leadership and experience.
Gulli could not stay for supper with us, but the rest of us all went to a Traditional Icelandic Resterant. It was very good, and the conversation at our table was great. Again, I forgot to take pictures….
The next morning we all said our goodbyes. Kinda sad….but excited at the same time for our next stage of our holiday.
I will be blogging about our 5 extra days in Reyeykyavik, but it will be all rolled into one or two blogs.













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