RoseCity Quilter Trekks in Iceland! Day Seven (July 31)

So I realized Imhave not been including names of places. Probably as I have no hope of pronouncing or remembering them! But, alas, I will be adding them to this post….

Last time packing up camp. Today we head back to Reykjavik where we will stay for two days.

Today we went Hiking on a Glacier! Here is what our itinerary says:

Sólheimajökull Glacier Ice Hiking

Learn how to safely walk on the ice of the Sólheimajökull Glacier, then explore the ice formations and crevices. The ice flows from the larger Myrdalsjokull glacier to Sólheimajökull, an outlet glacier. The icy landscape with bright, blue caves and ridges is a unique hiking experience, one that is rapidly changing due to climate change.

Here is what I say:


We were joined on this part of the tour by another guide, an expert in glacier climbing. Gulli had not been to this glacier for two years, and it had changed so much in that time he did not know the area any more.
Gearing up….
I have walked on a lot of ice in my life, but never with crampons. It was fun, and I felt very secure. The challenge was not whacking the crampons into one’s shin! Ouch!
Acording to Wikipedia, a glacier (US /ˈɡleɪʃər/ or UK /ˈɡlæsiə/) is a persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight; it forms where the accumulation of snow exceeds its ablation (melting and sublimation) over many years, often centuries.
Our Guide told us there is one cubic meter of snow in one cubic centimetre of ice! It is very hard! There was also a lot of volcanic mater in the ice, so it looks dirty in the pictures. It is not dirt, but Volcanic Ash.
We came across what I would call big scary holes in the glacier. They are officially called Moulins. I little bit of volcanic matter starts to swirl in a little hole, glacier melt water gets caught in the hole, it keeps swirling getting deeper and deeper, usually till it meets with a glacier stream flowing through the the ice. Also at the bottom of this cones of material falling through the Moulin deposit. Later when the glacier melts you see these cones. Pretty cool. We came across a large Moulin that the guide said was not there two weeks ago, so it gets big fast!
Here our guides are helping us look in….
Then the real fun began! Ice wall climbing!!! Another thing I could have not done just 3 years ago, but now, I did it! I CLIMBED AN ICE WALL!!!!!!!! Stopping to think about it, in my youth, I would have been to scared to try it, so I am proud of myself on many levels…
And Jennifer did it too!
Later some tried the Icelandic way of drinking a Glacier Melt water, but they had to earn it….
Later on the way to Reykjavik we stopped at a gorgeous waterfall. Our itinerary says:
Visit Skógafoss, one of the largest and most recognizable waterfalls in Iceland. The 60m (200 ft) high falls forms a constant mist that floats in the air, if viewed in the sunlight the mist can create rainbows. The sound and view of the thundering water cutting through the green hills make the falls a must-see on any trip to Iceland.
I say, STUNNING!!!

This area was also an agricultural area. Looked mostly to be Horse farms, and sheep farms.

And then we arrived back at Reyeykyavik. There is another day of our tour, followed by days on our own. The Trekking was over, but other things to look forward to. And I was on such a high! Everything that was thrown in front of me I handled!

























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