RoseCity Quilter Treks in Iceland – Day Six (July 30)

I cannot believe how fast it is going by! My Mom always said that when things go by fast it means you are having fun! I guess I am having a blast!

Today we were suppose to hike between two of Iceland’s most impressive sites, Thorsmork and Skogar, taking in views of glaciers and waterfalls. Unfortunately the forecast was for a lot of rain, so our guide was afraid for our safety and cancelled that hike. I trust Gulli implicitly so I was just fine with that. Instead we hiked a different mountain right beside it, but with far less elevation. It did not rain where we were, but we saw the awemenous cloud come in on the other mountain.

The hike we did was really fun! Lots of short really steep,parts where we had to get creative about how to get up or down. And the scenery was AMAZING!!!

In Iceland Elves are ever present, and live in the rocks. We came across this and said Elves did it….

At lunch we stopped at what I would call a cave for lunch, but in fact it was a Troll Church!!! It was the coolest lunch location I have ever eaten in!

I had a moment on the hike where I suddenly just had to sit down on a rock at the side of the trail and contemplate the beauty and how blessed I am that I was able to be here and do the things I was doing…I so wish I would have taken a picture, but my mind was very focused on the moment and my feelings of greatefullness, and not on recording the moment….

My Fitbit says 19000 steps and 172 flights of stairs!

In the evening it was very windy, so we all sat around the kitchen tent and gad a really fun evening of talking and laughing!
















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