RoseCity Quilter Treks in Iceland – Day Five (July 29)

Last day on the Landmannalaugar Trail. I forgot in previous posts to include the trails name. In fact I have not been good at including any names, probably because I cannot pronounce them…. 🙂

Best weather day, only a short light shower in mid afternoon!

Walked supposedly down all day, but sure felt like uphill to me! Must be a little tired….


We walked to the bottom of the Gorge we viewed last night to cross the river on a bridge. I did another 1st ever, and descended a steep part on a rope! I DID IT! These pictures are Jennifer, as I could not take of myself…

Lunch was at the top of this hill…



It was a very relaxing break, a lot if us layer back and had a nap!

We crossed another river. Starting to feel like it’s normal to cross a freezing cold River!

After crossing the river the landscape changed, again. We moved into an area with grass and trees! Now in Canada we would call these shrubs, but in Iceland they are TREES, and we should not offend Icelanders by calling them anything else!

After supper Jennifer had a delightful chat with the couple from Turkey!

The weather forecast is bad the next two days, so our itinerary will change a little. So grateful for a guide who is so on top of the weather and is looking after our safety!

My Fitbit says 30250 Steps, 175 floors!

It was a fabulous day! I am so happy to be here!


















One response to “RoseCity Quilter Treks in Iceland – Day Five (July 29)

  1. I’m enjoying your trip, and I’ll bet you’ll be rejuvenated at your return – and fit. All those steps!

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