RoseCity Quilter Treks in Iceland – Day Four July28/15

Wow! I’d I can do what I did today, I can do anything!!! Two Glacier River crossings! I DID IT! That’s me with the red backpack…

The scenery was different once again! So cool that each day we see a change in our surroundings!

The lady from Turkey is a Nike Master Trainer, Yoga teacher and Pilates teacher. Here she is doing her thing, so inspiring….

It started raining lightly shortly before lunch, and was still raining when we arrived at the campsite. However, I dealt with the rain just fine today! The pants I was wearing were munch more rain proof, and I had a wool base layer on, what a difference that made! It was actually just part of the challenge….

My leather gloves kept most of the moisture out, but when I took them off, just a little red dye in my hands….

It was not long after we were back to camp that the sun came out! 🙂 after sitting up our tents, most of the others gathered in our kitchen tent, but Jennifer and I were too excited about our beautiful surroundings to stay in the stuffy tent, so we had a glorious walk and talk!

After supper we walked to a nearby Glacieral Gorge (canyon)! It was spectacular!


Alt the end of the day my Fitbit showed 35000 steps, 149 flights of stairs!

I am so thrilled to be here…..

































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