RoseCity Quilter Trekks in Iceland! Day one

Special quilters note! Keep a lookout in my pictures of this trip, a small appliqué and pieced runner just may have made its way with me….:)

My middle daughter Jennifer and I left for Iceland on July 23. Our flight was delayed by a torrential downpour, but it ended quickly and we were on our way for a well planned and much looked forward to trip.

We arrived in Iceland and collected our luggage only to discover it was soaking wet (seems as though our luggage was loaded in the downpour in Edmonton). Oh, oh! But no way to look at it at the airport so we carried on.
We caught a bus the took us straight to The Blue Lagoon! We soaked in the wonderful geo-thermal heated natural springs, and instantly understood the popularity of this place! Silca Mud was available for a face mask, so we were glad to take advantage of it! It really did feel nice!



Then we road the bus into Reykjavik, and were amazed at all the moss growing on the lava rocks we were driving beside. The Lava rock was so beautiful, and everything looked so different from home that I felt like I was on a new planet!



We could not check into our hostile till 3:00, so we dropped off our suitcases, and walked up the street checking out the shops a bit, but resisting buying anything just yet. Lunch was at a little bistro, and was so good!

Then we went on a very interesting walking tour of Reyeykyavik.

When we did get to our room we discovered not only was our luggage wet, most things inside it were too! After a moment of now what, we asked if there was a dryer, and thankfully there was! But what a mess I made of my organized luggage…..

Later that evening we met our guide, or CEO, and the rest of our travel mates. They came from all over, 2 from Florida, California, 7 of us from Canada, Scotland, Australia and Turkey. They are all amazing people and it is so fun getting to know them. We discovered 2 common threads right away. 1st was a love for hiking and nature. 2nd was most hike at home alone as they have trouble finding friends with this interest, so it was a bonus finding new hiking buddies!

Our CEO, Gulli, is not only very experienced, (both at guiding and rescue) he also put us all at ease right away with is easy going nature and his scence of humour.

We went to bed so excited to start the next day….






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