Quick Way to Remove Wrinkles from Backing

It’s Tuesday! Today is a quick, simple tip, but is one that saves me A LOT of time and gives professional results.

No matter how careful the customer is with pressing their backing, by the time it is delivered and then stored till it is time to quilt it, there is always wrinkles.

Then there is the customer who buys their backing from me when they drop off their quilt. It will still have all the fold marks from being on the bolt. Incidentally, we sell a lot of extra wide backs, both Batik and Prints! Our Batik backing snare in our web page, print backing will be added soon (or since I am pre writing this, they may be there now). http://qfth.ca/shop/wide-backings/batik-backings.html

Even some customers who do not buy from me have not pressed out these folds. To me it is just part of the job. I put so much of myself into a quilt, that I do not want the quilt to fall down because of an unpressed back. Here is what I do…..

  • 1st, I press the back, misting the folds and bad wrinkles with water as I go.

It will puddle on the floor and being damp from pressing new wrinkles will form. Do not worry about these at this point.

This next step,is inspired by a laundry day trick both Mom and Grandma use to use. I never do this on laundry day, guess I am not as fussy as they were, but it sure works on my longarm! They would take a really wrinkled item, and since they did not have spray bottles, would dip their fingers in a bowl of water and sprinkle water over the item. Then they would roll up the item and place it in a plastic bag for a couple of hours. The moisture would wick through the item making it damp everywhere. Then when they pressed it, it would lay perfectly flat.

  • Start your load process, and as you roll the back onto the rollers, mist the entire surface with water. This is like the step where Mom and Grandma sprinkled water on the wrinkled garment.
  • Continue rolling you back onto the roller. The water will wick throughout the backing, and the roller will act like a giant press and the back will be completely flat and wrinkle free!!! So easy!

I have tried skipping the 1st step with the traditional iron, but the misting on the rollers does not take out fold marks or really bad wrinkles. However, it does take out wrinkles made by a customer folding the backing after pressing to bring it to me.

Such a time saver, and as I keep saying, time is money!

Till next week, I am in Iceland, having a glorious time with my daughter Jennifer!






2 responses to “Quick Way to Remove Wrinkles from Backing

  1. I really like Best Press spray instead of water (if it’s available to you). Takes out those “center of the fabric folds” really well.

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