Wedding Ring Star Centers Design


It’s Tuesday! Time for another tip! As I have said before, time is money, so it is a real focus of mine to find the fastest most efficient path to quilt out a design. So this motif that I used in the centers of a Bali Wedding Ring Star quilt (pattern by Judy Niemeyer, piecing by Phyllis Holte) was stitched with that in mind. Here is a picture of a finished center…

Here is how I stitched this out:
  • Using a curved ruler, I stitched lines 1/2″ and 1″ from the rings, on half of the block (see photo below).
  • I stopped the machine and switched from stitch regulated to manual and stitched the circles (see picture below). I find stitching these in manual is easier, and makes rounder circles.
  • Then, after switching back to stitch regulated, I snuck up the ditch, and then used the curved ruler to stitch one more curved line, 1/2″ from the last one.
  • Then I used a straight ruler to sneak in the ditch around the star point.

  • And then stitch the curved lines 1/2″ and 1″ from ring on the other half.
  • Like on the other half, stitch the circles and then another curved line, 1/2″ from the last one.
  • Now I switched back to manual mode again and stitched some swirls.
So easy! So fast! So fun!
Now, till next week, you WILL NOT FIND ME AT MY LONGARM! I will be away on an amazing holiday! My middle daughter, Jennifer and I will be in Iceland!!! We are going on a 9 day trek ( , followed by 5 more days in Reykjavik, doing some pretty cool day trips.
I will be kidnaping this blog, to blog about my trip! I want to blog about it, but do not want to start a new blog just for this trip, so I will just use this account. So when I have internet I will send out a blog, about a Quilter Trekking in Iceland! Sooooooooooo excited!!!!
Meanwhile, I am writing my Tusday Tips before I leave, so they will continue as usual….

3 responses to “Wedding Ring Star Centers Design

  1. Thank you for showing us the details of how to move around the quilt. Sometimes that’s the toughest part.

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