Mom’s quilt for her Brother

This blog has a story about my family to go with it.
My Mother, Phyllis Holte, decided she wanted to make a quilt for her Brother, Wendle Johnson and his wife, Donna, as a gift to celebrate their new house and their retirement from farming. She was about 1/3 finished when bad news arrived. Aunt Donna was diagnosed with Cancer. 9 days after her diagnoses, she passed away. We were all heart broken. But especially Uncle Wendle was devestated.
Mom had a very hard time with what to do with the quilt she started, but in the end decided to finish it, as Uncle Wendle still had a new house, and she wanted to give him something comforting and filled with love. What better thing to give than a quilt?!
Mom asked me to quilt it, which I was trilled to be able to do. Uncle Wendle was always very special to me. I wanted to find some pictures of Aunt Donna and Uncle Wendle to put in this blog. I thought I should have one of their wedding, as my cousin Corinne and I were flower girls and I thought I had a group photo, but alas I could not find it. In fact the only picture I seem to have is the one below. I would like to think it is a picture of Uncle Wendle and I, but it was clearly labeled Wendle and Corinne. Corinne was the 1st grandchild and was only 3 months older than I. Wendle thought it was pretty fun to have two neices. That probably is part of why we grew up feeling so close to him.
Anyways, I was thrilled to quilt it, and thought about my Uncle a lot while I was quilting it. Mom and I hope it will bring him comfort.
The quilt is from a pattern called Bali Wedding Star, designed by Judy and Brad Niemeyer of Quiltworx.
My daughter Kathleen ( aka was there when Mom delivered the quilt. She started drawing on my plexiglass and drew out the design in the Center of the rings. I liked it somewhat was my starting point.

I worked the rest of the quilting around this design element.

I am very pleased with the results. I hope both Mom and Uncle Wendle like it!

This quilt is a good example of why I love what I do. It is a lot more than turning a quilt top into a quilt. It is also about the feelings that a quilt brings to the recipient ….

Edit: Hi, this is Kathleen, I’m just logging into mom’s blog to quickly give some extra info — we’ve had tons of questions about this quilt in the store, so I thought that I’d give you some extra info. You can purchase the pattern for this quilt HERE! You can purchase a very similar kit (with yellow background rather than blue) HERE! If you’d like a kit similar to this kit (with the blue background) please fill out the form below and someone at Quilting From The Heart will get back to you!


24 responses to “Mom’s quilt for her Brother

  1. Wow – WOW! This is so beautifully quilted, and I hadn’t seen one done up like this before. I love that you’ve found a unique spectacular approach for it!!

  2. So thankful for all the love u put into Wendells quilt. Donna would have loved it too! Thanks for sharing this story and thank you for all your hard work. It looks fabulous in his new house.
    Love Delee

  3. Wow that is absolutely stunning! I have yet to make my first quilt. I pray that I can make something memorable for by grand babies. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. The colors are absolutely beautiful which makes the beautiful quilting stand out. Could you post what materials she used?

    • It is hard to post the materials used, but I can tell you we do have a kit left in exactly those fabrics. It makes a 80″ x 80″ and is $365 Canadian. I am not sure where you are from, but if you are from the USA, your dollar is very strong compared to ours.

  5. Ardelle and Auntie Phyllis and Kathleen you are so talented I absolutely love the quilt and your beautiful story behind it which brings tears but lots of great memories. What a beautiful quilt for Uncle Wendell to treasure for ever love it! ❤️Corinne

  6. Hi Ardelle,

    My dad, Darrell, is your cousin. One of my aunts told me about how your mom, you, and Kathleen are all quilters and also about your store. I’m actually working on my first quilt, a double wedding ring, except that the pattern isn’t by Quiltworx. It’s for my parents in honour of their 50th anniversary this past July. This is my first time on your website and I came across this post, which made me think about what a coincidence it was to be working on a DWR right now.

    Your mom did such a beautiful job on the quilt for your uncle. I love the colours she chose. And your beautiful quilting highlighted each part of the quilt perfectly without overpowering it and your mom’s hard work. Between the two of you, plus Kathleen’s contribution, your uncle’s quilt is magnificent and I have no doubt that he loved and was deeply touched by it. It truly is gorgeous!

    I’ll have to take a day trip to Camrose to visit your store and, hopefully, meet you, although I’m sure we’ve met before. Say hi to my favourite great uncle! It was nice to see him at Ken & Doris’s 50th anniversary. I only wish I could’ve talked to your mom because I don’t think I’ve ever met her.

    Blessings to all of you!

    • Hi Lori! I remember who you are! Yes, please come see our store. I am never there Mondays, but otherwise am usually there. Make sure you ask for me, as I am usually in the back quilting.

      Welcome to the quilting world. It is a great place to be. Thank you so much for your compliments!

      Looking forward to seeing you sometime….


  7. Hi, I am so sorry about your aunt, but at least hopefully, she didnt have to suffer long. That is my favorite quilt of all time! However being impatient, and having little time to do anything, I fully intend to cheat when I make mine. Anita Goodesign has a program to get er done a lot faster, and hopefully it will still be good for those of us catching ourselves coming and going! Yours is gorgeous, though. Hope Uncle Wendel was as enamored with it as the rest of us!!!

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