Collaborative Quilt for Wedding Gift


Our family, the Kerr Family celebrated a wedding this weekend! My husbands brother, Bruce, married his soal mate, Marilyn! We are so very happy for both of them!

I have known Marilyn's Mom, Darlene, for a long time. We were talking about how long last night at the wedding, and we think we have known each other for about 20 years. Darlene is a quilter, a customer of ours and a friend. I wish we would have gotten a picture together last night, but I did not think of it till now. Anyways, I did find a picture of her in my store photos. She was taking a class from us in this photo.

So Darlene was making a quilt when wedding plans were being made, and Marilyn made an offhand remark to her mom that it would make a great wedding gift, but it was queen size and they had a King size bed. So Darlene came to me for advice on how to make it bigger, and to book my quilting services. I did help,her figure out how to make it bigger, and I got an idea. We had no idea what to get them for a wedding gift, as they both had complete households. So I suggested to Darlene that rather than Paying me to quilt it, I could quilt it as our wedding gift to Bruce and Marilyn. Darlene liked the idea, so that is what I did!

As much as I wanted to be sharing pictures on Instagram like I usually do while I am quilting a quilt, I could not, as Marilyn follows me on Instagram! So these are the 1st pictures I have shown. Her is Brice and Marilyn examining the quilt right after opening it.

Apparently Marilyn forgot she had mentioned it would make a great wedding gift! I love surprises! I think they liked it….
More pictures:


The last picture is the back. I love back texture!

A couple of other interesting wedding pictures. I turned around at one point to find my daughter, Kathleen, (also known as Kathleen Quilts) fixing Marilyn's dress! The shoulder seam was coming apart….

The ceremony was outside in Bruce's farmyard, where he also grew up. Rather than chairs, straw bales were used, and we covered them with quilts made by myself, my husband Roger and daughter Kathleen! Too fun….

So, that is the story of a colabrative quilt! So fun to do this with Darlene!

It was a fabulous day, and we are so happy to welcome Marilyn to the Kerr family! I have a new sister!!!



One response to “Collaborative Quilt for Wedding Gift

  1. What a beautiful wedding present. The quilt and quilting is exquisite, and I love the seating at the wedding.

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