Keeping Double Batting Smooth


It's Tusday! It is summer, so my tip today is a simple one. As I have mentioned before, for custom quilting, I prefer to quilt with two battings. I love the texture it adds to the quilting. To review I like to use Hobbs 80/20 on the bottom. This layer acts like a stabilizer, keeping the quilt flat. Then I use Hobbs Washable Wool on the top. As well as the texture it adds to the quilt, wool is a wonderful fiber, adding warmth and the wicking factor of wool is wonderful as well.

There is one little problem with two layers of batting though. Sometimes the cotton layer gets a large “wrinkle” in it. Not a good thing to quilt into a quilt! I think the problem is that with two layers when I advance the batting clings to things, causing a less than smooth advance. Here is my solution…

After I advance, I pull back to quilt top like this:

Then I pull back the wool layer, like this:

See the big wrinkle? Good thing I am doing this fix!

Now I smooth out the Hobbs 80/20 layer. Smooth, not stretch!!!

Then I put back the wool layer, smoothing it as I go.

Finally, back comes the top.

All these s only takes a moment, but saves big problems!

Till next week, you will find me working on this quilt, having way to much fun, loving what I do….:)



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