Curved Cross Hatch Glacier Star Center

Today is the last of a series of Tuesday Tips based on Darlene Conroy’s Glacier Star quilt from a pattern by Judy Niemeyer of Quiltworx. These have been fun tips to do.  I am sort of sad this is the last one… But there will be other great topics to come.

As with the others, I have ditched the area with invisible thread.  This is a step I never skip, as I think it adds so much definition to the quilt.

For this design, I started by marking dividing lines from the points of the snowflake outward, lining the ruler I used to do this up with this point and the center of the snowflake (you can see my purple mark in the photo below).

Next I used a curved ruler from Quilters Apothecary to stitch arcs from this, marking to the low point between the snowflake sections (see above).

Then I used the same ruler to crosshatch this space (see above and below).

Then I echoed the outside of this cross hatching.  In the photo above you can see I marked a spot for this echo so they are all the same size.  Then I filled around the snowflake points with pebbles (see above). 

My favourite part of this quilt!

Too much fun!

Till next Tuesday, you will find me loving what I do!


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