Marking a Large Circle


 Last week I showed you how I quilt my Curved Flying Geese Path. Today I am going to show you how I mark a path for a larger circle of Flying Geese.  This one is from the Glacier Star Pattern by Judy Niemeyer. this quilt was pieced by Darlene Conroy. 

As usual before I do anything, I have ditched the flying geese with invisible thread.

Basically this trick involves a corsage pin, string and a marking pen (I usually use an air soluable pen).

 Tie a loop in one end of the string, put the pin in the center of the loop, and stick the pin in the center of the circle–in this case the center of the quilt (see above). Next tie a loop in the other end othe the string so that the loop ends right where you want the circle to be.

Now put the marking pen in the loop and start drawing your circle.


 I’m this case I needed two circles, so two strings were used.

Then stitch out your design (see above). So easy, so effective…

Would you like to find out how I stitched out the curved cross-hatching in the center? Stay tuned…


8 responses to “Marking a Large Circle

  1. Did you use a ruler when stitching out the circles? Do you just use a curve that’s close to the right size? I don’t imagine you have the perfect ruler for every curve you stitch. I know I don’t…

    You did a fantastic job on this quilt.

  2. I wanted to thank you for a beautiful job on the quilt I left with you, I’m sure my grandson will be thrilled with it. You are indeed an artist!

    Barb Leeb

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    • I do not actually stitch it in one continuous circle. I stitch everything that I can without adjusting the quilt. Then I advance and do the next pass. I am very careful with the stops and starts on the circle, but they are done on parts.

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