Curved Flying Geese Path


Today’s tip is about how I create a “path” under Curved Flying Geese, often found in Judy Niemeyer or Quiltworx Patterns.   This quilt was pieced by Darlene Conroy and is a Glacier Star Pattern by Judy Niemeyer.

Before I start, the geese and the arcs are ditched with invisible thread. Then I mark my path, usually 1/2″ from each edge.  This spacing leaves the points sticking out of the path, adding to the effect of the path passing under the flying geese (see above).

Next, using a curved ruler I stitch on this marked line, until I reach a point of the 1st flying geese unit (see above). Before moving to the next space, I fill this little triangle with a dense fill design, in this case pebbles (see below).

 Then I sneak up the ditch to the next unit and repeat….

  That’s it!  So easy!  What I love about this design is the texture it adds!


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