New York Beauty Lace!


Last week my Tuesday Tip was Star Trek Design in a New York Beauty Unit. This week I thought I would show how I quilted the background around these New York Beauty Units.  I am calling it my New York Beauty Lace! 

This quilt was pieced by Darlene Conroy and is from the pattern Glacier Star by Judy Niemeyer.

Before I started this I ditched the area with invisible thread.


So 1st I stitched a double arc from point to point, ending where I started (see above).

Then I stitched ribbon candy back across the block, filling the space to the outside edge (see above).


Now for the lace! I used Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Side Kick Ruler to make an arc from the outside point to the Center. 

And then I made an arc back out to the next point.


Now I echoed this arc with 1/4″ spacing, traveling up the outside arcs between echoes as needed.


Then I echoed in the opposite direction. I was now at the point ready to stitch the arc to the center of the next space and continue the pattern in each point.


And that’s it!  Wasn’t that lace easy?! 


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