Darlene’s Glacier Star

I finished quilting this Glacier Star last week.  It was pieced by Darlene Conroy.  The pattern is by Judy Niemeyer. Darlene was one of Roger’s students at a class we had at our store, Quilting From the Heart.


Often when I finish a custom quilt, I think it is my favourite, but this one might REALLY be my favourite! I was especially happy with the curved cross hatch.  On this quilt I think it looks like lace, and I really think it suits the quilt…. 




I really like the path that goes through the flying geese….


And the little fill in the background of the black pieced feathers really makes the feathers pop out!


This picture shows the quilting well, and it is a good veiw of my hubbies head, opps….

I was really diligent at taking pictures of how I quilted the elements of this quilt.  These pictures will be the subject of many of my upcoming Tuesday Tips, including last weeks tip

This quilt was such a thrill to quilt!  Darlene’s workmanship was immaculate, and the colour choices really make it shine. Darlene is entering this quilt in The Edmonton Quilt Guild Show this coming weekend, perhaps you will see it there..

Oh man, do I ever love what I do… 🙂


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