Ardelle’s New York Beauty Unit Quilting Path


Efficient quilting is my aim.  A little time in planning can save a lot of time in execution of a quilting design.  And time is money!  My mother was always a go getter, and accomplished so much in a short time.  When we worked together as I was growing up, she would always say to me, “Don’t waist a motion!” Well, that sure applies to quilting.  Today I am going to show you my path for stitching out the design I used in the background of the New York Beauty Unit of this Quiltworx quilt that I quilted for Anne Hall recently. I was able to stitch all the background continuously.

Before I started, I did some marking.  I used an air soluable pen.

  I market a point half way between each spike with a dot.  As each point had a different distance between, I used my buttonhole spacer, for a fast way to find the middle of each.  This buttonhole spacer is one of my most used tools. 

 Next I marked a line from the center point I just market to the Center of the v shape. 

  Next I marked  3 1/2″ & 4 1/2″ from the outside of the arc.
  I placed the Center of a curved ruler on the 3 1/2″ mark and drew a curve.
    I used the next size down in my curved rulers , and drew another curve through the 4 1/2″ mark. These arcs are placement lines for keeping the ruler straight, rather than actual stitching lines.  I found a few moments of marking made the stitching faster and more accurate.

 And the final marks are a point 2″ from the outside curve half way between each point.

This is how your markings should look.

Now for the stitching:  

  Place the curved ruler against the curved marking, and stitch between the points. 
  From there, use a straight ruler and stitch to the marked point on the outside curve.
 Pivot and stitch back to the curve. 

  Stitch back to the other side, passing through the mark as shown. 

 Fill this triangle with straight line stictching on your way back.

  Continue filling background with straight line stitching, this time on the outer side of the triangle, working your way back to the other side of the triangle.
Sneak down the ditch and repeat this process until all points are filled.

Next I stitched the stacked coins and smaller ack simultaneously.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures, so below is a picture with drawings to show my stitch path. 


Look at the red line. After finishing the straight line stitching, I ditched down to the markings for the smaller ark. Using the smaller sized curved ruler, I stitched the smaller ack between the pieced points.  Then I ditched down to the bottom of the point.  the rest is marked with the blue line. I stitched stacked coins coming back out of the point. Ditch around the end of the point and repeat the process.

And that is it.  The entire thing in one pass!  A design that is really simple things, put together to look complicated, and yet quite fast to stitch out.
On hind sight, the picture with the stitching lines marked on it might be easier to follow than all the step,by step photos…let me know what you think please!

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