Efficient Piano Key Quilting…

It’s Tuesday Tip time! 🙂

I am going to share with you a method I used to quilt 1/2″ Piano Key border  with less marking than I previously used, and the quick corner method I used on this quilt, Fire Island Hosta made by Anne Hall.

Before this quilt I marked every line I quilted on with the stencil in the following picture, from Pam Clark and Miracle Pounce Chalk. I like the Miracle chalk because it literly melts away with heat and stream. To use the a pounce chalk, do not “pounce” the applicator, but rub across the stencil. Previously, I marked these lines across the entire border, so I would keep the lines straight and evenly spaced. I still use the stencil and the miracle chalk, but my method changed.

This is how I proceeded. I am showing the corner method at the same time.

  1. Mark a diagonal line in the corner.
  2.  I marked with the stencil spaced at one inch, along the edge of where I was stitching (in this case along my feathers). 
  3. With channel lock on, start at the 1st mark and stitch toward the marked diagonal line, stopping on the line. 
  4. Change Chanel lock from vertical to horizontal. Continue stitching to the other edge.  
  5. Sneak backwards along the edge (in this case the feathers), until you are about half way back to the previous line.  
  6. Set channel lock and stitch back to the diagonal marking.    
  7. Change direction of Chanel locks and continue stitching back to edge.
  8. Sneak down the edge to the next marking and repeat process….  

I was very happy with this new method for these reasons:

  • Less chalk to mark and remove! Even though this chalk goes on easy and is easy to remove, it is still another step, and as I have said before, time is money…
  •  By estimating the half way point between the marked 1″ grid, it saves marking a 1/2 inch grid, and it would take a ruler to notice if it happens to not be perfect.
  • Chanel locks keep the stitching straighter than any markings.
  • The diagonal change in direction on the corner gives fabulous texture!

That’s it folks!  Simple and fast….

Till next time,….



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