Google To the Rescue…


Another go to tool I use a lot as a longarmer: Google!!!

1st a little story from my childhood. My grade 5 & 6 teacher (in a little school with split grades), inspired me with her artistic skills.  I decided I was going to be an artist, and set up a “studio” in the back corner of our family room.  I tried really hard, but unfortunately the only things that turned out were the things I traced out of a How To Draw book….. 😦 Yeah, drawing skills not so great…..

Fast forward to the present.  After all those years, I am an artist, a Longarm Quilting artist!  I draw all over quilts with my electric needle!  And I love it!  Still can’t draw on paper, but give me my Longarm,….

Just the same some things stump me.  Usually when I am trying to quilt something reasonable realistic. Like recently whenI was quilting my quilt, “And on that Farm.” The animals just needed some stitching inside the pieces, but I had no idea what to do.  Google to the Rescue! I Googled “cow sketch,” and clicked images.  Many line drawings of a cow came up.  I looked through them, grabbed my plexiglass and started drawing till I had a plan!


Or when I was quilting this dog, Google to the rescue…


 Missed getting a picture of the finished dog, oops!  It was great, take my word for it.  On the same quilt there were many kinds of balls.  Again Google to the rescue,  this time I googled ball sketches.

Recently on Anne Hall’s Fire Island Hosta, I was unsure what Hosta leaves looked like, so Google to the Rescue…. 


I think you get the idea!  I do find if I use the word “sketch” behind whatever I am searching for, I can transfer what Infind to quilting lines easier!

Till next Tuesday…..


4 responses to “Google To the Rescue…

  1. Thanks for the great tip. I really like this because whatever you end up quilting after doing this research, will be original freehand designs.

  2. I’m a googled too – I use sketch, texture, line drawing as well as ‘continuous line drawing’ to find images to help. 🙂 Great tips, love this weekly feature!

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