Anne’s Fire Island Hosta

Finished this quilt for Anne Hall!  

  It is her Fire Island Hosta, a Judy Niemeyer Pattern.  Anne was finishing her training as a Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor as I was quilting her quilt!  It was kinda a fun coincidence!  She has since finished her training and is a Certified Instructor!  She will be awesome!  

We met Anne 3 years ago when she came all the way from England to our event with Judy. 


Judy, Anne, Roger and I, taken 3 years ago.  Anne has since moved back to Canada and lives in BC.

Back to her quilt…

I approached this quilt in a whole new way, working from the Center out. Watch for a separate blog on this and why I did it.  I love the ombré fabric for the spikeless leaves!  Anne asked that the quilting accented the ombré, not distract from it.  That request actually stumped me for a couple of days….hope what I decided fits her request….


Next I filled the white and black sawtooth with a simple fill.   The stitching on the black did not show on any pictures I took. 


The New York Beauty blocks are my favourite part!   


Next to the New York Beauty…. 


Anne added her beautifully hand stitched appliqué in the corners! I embellished the appliqué with feathers…. 


One last picture, the back…. 


That’s it folks!  Way too much fun….

2 responses to “Anne’s Fire Island Hosta

  1. You have complimented this quilt beautifully. What a treasure. You and Anne have done a wonderful job.

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