Ardelle’s Unusual Thread Nets


After  last weeks post, Ardelle’s Stuff (or Time is Money), a local quilter asked me what was the purpose of the stuff covering the thread on this photo: 

The question referred to the plastic on the cone on the right and the white fabric on the cone on the left. The answer is thread nets!  Mine are a little unusual, but they are thread nets. Let me explain….


Without a thread net some threads want to slide down the cone and get caught around the base of the cone or the thread stand pin, and causes either thread breakage or bad tension. Which slows me down, and as I said last week, time is money! 

Now let’s look at the 1st picture again.  The spool on the left is invisible thread and came with that thread net.  It is a soft knit and works very well.  The thread never gets caught up!


Most of you are familiar with this type of commercially available thread net.  I do not like these.  I find the thread gets caught on the pokey parts of the mesh.  

So I have experimented with two other options, both work well for me.


This is what I have mostly been using.  It is tubular bandage available at some Pharmacies.  It comes in several widths and is sold by the meter or yard (depending on where you live).  I buy a meter at a time and cut it into lengths about the same length as the spool.  I then slide it onto the spool, letting it extend a little beyond the bottom end of the spool, which I then tuck under the spool when I place it on the thread stand.  


The other think I have just started using is Amazing Tape or Incredible Tape. This is self cling or static cling plastic that wraps around a spool of thread to keep thread from unwinding. The way it is intended to be used is wrapped tightly around a spool of thread.  Instead, I wrap it loosely around the spool of thread, loose enough to that it drops to the base of the spool.  Now the thread can unwind from the spool without any added tension, but will not drop to the bottom of the spool and become tangled up!  It works very well for me.  The second benefit is when I go to put the thread away, I am not hunting for the piece of transparent tape! 

When Deane asked me about the thread nets, I thought it was a good question, and thought I would pass this on to all of you. Try these ideas, I think you will see a difference in thread catching….

Back to my MIllenium Longarm!  Sew much fun waiting for me!…..


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