Ardelle’s Stuff….(Or Time is Money!)


Those who have seen my MIllenium APQS Longarm, known to me as Milli, like to tease me about all of the STUFF I have stuck to it with industrial strenght Velcro! 


Well, tease me all you want, does not bother me!  I just keep wondering why everyone does not do this!  Here is what I have on my machine and why…..


This is a pin cushion I made.  It has Velcro sewn to the bottom, which wraps around my handles.  It saves me a lot of time having pins so handy!  

Now when I baste the edges of my quilt down, I have pins handy and do not need to take even one step to find them.  Because they are handy, I do not hesitate to throw a few pins in if I have fullness in an area.  The more pins I stick in the more the excess fullness  is taken in. If I notice I have missed an area, I just grab a pin and stick it in the offending area so that I do not forget to finish stitching it.  

There are more things I use them for, but those are the main things that come to mind.  Again, because I do not take even one step to find them, I do not hesitate to use them, nor waste any time in doing so…  and time is money….


Right behind my pin cushion is a little thread catcher!  At one time this was a gift box that a customer/friend gave me with a little gift inside.  I kept the box because she made it and it was so cute. Years later, I was looking for something small but pretty to use for my thread catcher, when I found this box and decided it was perfect!  And it was!  Not only is it the right size, it reminds me of Jeannette, and puts a smile on my face, giving me good vibes which can’t hurt my quilting right?!  

Why do I want a thread catcher attached to my machine?  Time! Now every time I snip a thread, I am not looking for a garbage can, as I just flop,it up into my thread catcher!  No wasted steps.  Remember, time is money….

Incidentally 2 years ago I got the idea of placing these threads in a decorative vase.  In two years, the very large vase is full!  That is a lot of thread ends! 



Next, wedged between the machine and pin cushion, attached with industrial strenght Velcro, is an empty pill bottle.  In that bottle is a seam ripper, the screwdriver I use to change needles, the screwdriver I use to adjust my bobbin tension, Frey Check in a precision applicator and a pair of Hemostats!

I the tiniest spot of Frey Check occasionally on my tie offs, so it is nice to have it handy.

The hemostats I use when frogging (ripping), to Grab on to the offending threads.  My fingertips have nerve damage, so I need a little extra help, and I sure do not want to take extra steps to find them….

I think the rest of these things are self explainitory.  Just like having them close.  Remember, time is money…


On top of my machine I have a Front side dual thread stand.  I think it is a Hartley Product, but I just tried to find it on-line and cannot….:(

This thing is magic!  I do all my quilting from the front side.  Now I do not need to run around to the back to change thread!  Because I do mostly custom and match my thread to the fabric colour, that saves a lot of trips to the back of my machine.  And time is money…

Right behind the thread stand is something I rigged up for a horizontal thread delivery.  Yes the pen duck taped to the machine with a binder clip on it. I use this when using thread that is not crosswound. it keeps it from getting all twisted and thus breaking thread.  Cause you know, time is money…

Behind that is a camera that is aimed at the panto table.  This allows me to stitch a panto from the front!  LOVE IT! Unfortunatley this company is no longer making them, but I believe there is another on the market.  By stitching a panto from the front, once again I save many trips back and forth from the front to the back of my machine.  Changing bobbins, advancing the quilt, broken thread, etc all require another trip to the other side of the machine.  Did I mention, time is money….


On the left side of my machine, right at the front I have two items that I was continuously hunting for!  These two things were always getting lost on the quilt.  Now I can always find them.  

One is a white art eraser.  I use this to get out all the little threads after I rip something out.  Gathers them all up,in a little pile in seconds!  Incidentally I have one of these on my domestic machine as well…

The other item is the air soluable market I use.  The lid is velcroed to the machine, I grab on to the pen, use it and return it to the lid when done.  Now I never hunt for either pen nor lid! Remember, time is money… 


The aluminum bar on the left of my machine is for my Circle Lord Circle Maker, and the cord you may see in some pictures is for the Pop up Gadget for the stylus of my Circle Lord Boards, which saves me from running to the back of my machine when Sitching those boards!  Both save me time, and time is money…

My husband is good at estimating weight of things.  He said all these things totalled add no more than one pound to the machine.  I think I can handle the extra weight!  

I get asked often , in many walks of my life, how I get so much done.  My answer, be organized and efficient!  Mom always told me when we were working, “Don’t waiste a motion!” Especially in buisness, time is money! 


3 responses to “Ardelle’s Stuff….(Or Time is Money!)

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  2. Would you please tell me the brand name of your air erasable marker and where you purchased it. I want to order a few. I like the one you use because the ink container is clear. Thank you. PS Love your blog

    • So glad you like my Blog! Thank you! The pen you mentioned is my favourite! Not only is it clear, allowing you to see how much ink is left, it makes a nice dark line! By pushing on the tip you can get more ink flowing to the nib. It is from Heirloom. We have it at our store, The Sewing Center ( but it is not currently on our web site. We are at Quilt Market this week. We will add it to our web site next need when we get home, so check then!

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