“Star Treck” Border Tutorial


I thought today I would give a tip on how I used  a right angle ruler to make the border on the quilt I just finished.  I thought it out and was able to stitch the whole thing continuously!


I started by marking a line at each direction change of the zig zag, like this next picture shows. The picture was actually taken after some stitching was done, but Imdo not have a picture of just the marking.  


Next I used my right angle ruler, placing the 1/2″ marks on both arms against the zig zag. 


I followed the edge of the ruler from one of my marked lines to the next, all the way across the quilt.  I do not have a photo of this step, but here is a drawing. I will get better at taking step by step photos….


Now I used a regular ruler and headed back, hitting the little dot I marked ahead of time. 


Then I filled between these shapes (which someone dubed “Star Treck” shapes) and the zig zag with straight line stitching.  This was done without breaking thread from stitching the Star treck shapes. 


Then I continued stitching, with more straight lines on the other side of the Star Trecks… 


And here is how I handled the corners… 


One more picture ….  

  I loved how the whole thing stitched out with no stops!  And the texture…..love it……

Too much fun!


5 responses to ““Star Treck” Border Tutorial

  1. I’ve come over to visit you from Kathleen’s blog. Your blog is going to be of great inspiration to me. I’ve been longarm quilting for a short time and need instruction such as you have given here. Thank you. I went to the Camrose Quilt show last year when I was visiting family in Edmonton and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m sure I saw some of your work there.

  2. incredible – thank you so much for sharing how you did this. I may have to borrow the star trek shapes for a future quilt I have to work on 🙂

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